e-SEA™ Marine TV


e-SEA™ Marine TV, from Woodsons of Aberdeen Ltd, provides marine satellite television signals to ships on all seas and in all conditions. A range of unique e-SEA™ marine communications solutions, with antenna sizes from 45cm to 3.6m, can maintain television reception even when the ship is fighting through the roughest of seas.


Why choose e-SEA™ Marine TV from Woodsons?


Extensive experience of Marine TV Technologies

Woodsons have delivered and installed more than 500 stabilized antennas onboard ships worldwide. With our engineer's extensive technical knowledge and skills built up since 1994, we will keep your Marine TV antenna tracking wherever you are operating.


e-SEA™ Marine TV rental packages

Renting your e-SEA™ Marine TV antenna makes economic sense and ensures that your ship has a working offshore satellite TV system at all times. All servicing and parts required throughout the term of the rental are provided by us wherever you are sailing.


Viewing Marine Satellite packages worldwide

We offer a range of Marine TV viewing packages tailored to your ships requirements in different locations around the world. Stay in touch with local news and entertainment channels when many miles from home. We are agents for Sky UK Offshore, DSTV Africa and many more.


Marine TV distribution

Marine TV distribution systems are designed around your ship's needs. Digital, IP TV and analogue distribution systems are available. As analogue is replaced with digital we offer ship owners options to upgrade or renew existing distribution to enable the latest marine TV technologies depending on your specific requirements.